GTX760 vs 7850 vs R9 270X with 100$ difference in price?

here the GTX 760 costs 370$ and the R9 270X costs 270$ and the 7850 250$? with which one to go? (and which manifacturer)
this is my build, so i need one my build could handle
Gigabyte H61M-S2-B3
Intel Core i3 2120 @3.3GHz
8GB (4 Kingston+4 Ceon) 1333 DDR3 9CL
Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 ATA Device
nVidia 520gt 1G (For Now)
+Sound Card+Network Card
CI-Power DSA500S-G
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    Well the best one in that group is the GTX760. Should work fine on your PSU.
    Depends on what you are willing to spend.
  2. There's around 15% performance difference between the 760 and 270X, there's a 100$ difference , It's your call.
    I was in the same dillema [760 vs 770, 100$ difference 15% performance difference] I went with the 760 , so you should go with the 270X too because saving 100$ now will help you upgrade faster later on :)
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