Hi I have a p8h67-M PRO (rev 1.05) Motherboard i need to flash BIOS from v0902 to v3604 or greater to use new cpu Intel i7 3770 But in all my attempts i get "ez flash image integrity check failed" or "Not UEFI FILE" i have have created a FAT32 Usb followed steps read forum after forum with no help at all...

Hoping if someone could help me out PLease!
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  1. Have you bought the motherboard separately, or as part of a system?
    If separately, try updating to 1104 let's say.
    If not working, as a last option, you can buy a BIOS chip updated with the latest BIOS and replace the board's one.
    It's about 20$ on ebay.
  2. It came as part of a system. I have just tried all the updates... even the current bios version file, kept popping up with the same message
    0902 }
    1003 }--------- Those were the versions i tried. None worked
    1104 }
    1106 }
  3. Ill just look into buying a new Bios Chip. Thank you for your help!
  4. Yes, the BIOS chip is the only option, as systems have different BIOSes flashed by ASUS (even if similar motherboards). What model is the system?
    However, take into account that you might void the warranty (if still available).
  5. Its an Asus system Asus Essentio series CM6850. I just bought a Bios Chip for the Motherboard, Wont be able to report if it worked or not in about 2 weeks.
  6. The available BIOS files are here:
    However, I don't think that the latest BIOS version does support the CPU, so yes, a new chip seems to be the solution.
  7. I dont have to go straight to the Bios v3904 the v3604 would cut it for me to put the New CPu in.
  8. Ill see what happens if i use the Bios update it has given me there see how i go.
  9. Best answer
    The latest version is 1301 for CM6850.
    The reason ASUS use different BIOS for their systems vs motherboards is related to warranty (for example no OC-ing options).
  10. Ok well the latest Bios update i got from the link you sent to me BIos V1301 worked perfectly
  11. Try and see if supporting the 3770.
  12. There isn't a 3770 there is a 3701 though.
  13. I mean the CPU.
  14. Oh yeah i tried it. but rather then a no Post and Pc running, the PC just turned on and off ( repeat)
  15. Check if the 8 pin power cable is connected and the CPU heatsink properly installed.
  16. Yep Double checked everything unplugged it all plugged it all back in same thing On and off (repeat)
  17. Have you tried resetting the cmos?
  18. What about the old CPU, does it work?
  19. Yeah it does, the old CPU is a Intel Core i7 2600
  20. And no i havn't tried resetting CMOS
  21. I dont think is a PSU issue either as i have a 650W Psu, and i took the GPU out before turning it on with the new i7 3770 the second time.
  22. Reset the CMOS
  23. Ok so i reset the CMOS, you want me to try the CPU now?
  24. Yes.
  25. Yeah still no luck still a On and off (repeat)
  26. Test the board outside the case, only CPU and CPU fan installed, both 24 and 8 pin cables connected. See if still on and off. Is there a CPU fan backplate installed?
  27. Not that i can see ill give it a go
  28. Well I did what you advised and it made things worse I unplugged everything left CPU 8 pin and 24 pin in. Turned it on started up didn't turn off. So plugged everything back in then turned on again with mobo back in the case and but now it runs for about 1 minute then turns off with no post so I take CPU out plug in the old one same thing happens runs for about a min no post then switches off but everything works even the DVD/cd rom..
  29. Leave the board outside the case for testing. Install the old CPU. Check firstly the CPU socket for bent pins.
    If OK, install the CPU fan, single RAM stick, graphics card, DVD drive, keyboard and mouse.
    Start the board outside the case. When getting the new BIOS chip?
  30. Between Wednesday and Saturday they recon
  31. So do plug a screening answer?
  32. Plug a screening answer? What do you mean?
  33. Sorry stupid auto correct plug in a screen as well ?
  34. Yes, connect the monitor to the graphics card.
  35. Ok. I have plugged in everything you said. Everything is running hasn't switched off yet. But still no post.
  36. What graphics card using? Does it require PCie power cables? Are they connected?
  37. Yes and yes
  38. It's nvdia GeForce gtx 660
  39. In this case you would need an internal case speaker attached to the motherboard
    for further troubleshooting.
  40. Where would I plug that in? Can't see a connection for it.
  41. Oh wait found it
  42. Ok does it have to be that specific brand or can I get one located in my country?
  43. Ok so what code are we hopping it beeps when I get one?
  44. Any brand would do. Start the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed, 24 and 8 pin power cables connected, speaker attached and you should get 1 long 2 short beeps.
    If no beeps, then it's either a board or a CPU issue.
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