looking for wifi environment created by android phone from the normal internet connected computer via usb..!!

I have internet connection to my computer with normal ADSL router and now i want to create wifi range in my home with my android phone via computer...is it possible??if YES,will you please explain the process to installation!! TY
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  1. What you are looking for is called reverse tethering. There are youtube videos that show how to do it.

    You will likely have to root your phone to get this to work. You also run the risk of incurring a charge from your provider. Although you are not using normal tethering (ie sharing the mobile broadband) it uses the same features. You must take actions with some providers to prevent them from seeing you have enable tethering....if you already have tethering or they don't care then it is just loading a android app but it still requires root access. Rooting a phone is a risky thing to do. You can if you are careless kill your phone or open security exposures. You also will get no software support from your carrier so you are on your own for any bugs or whatever.
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