Dropped external hard drive still works, now host computer only "sees" the drive, NOT any of the data.

My "WD Elements 1Tb external HD dropped onto a wooden floor from about 10''. I can feel it running; the LED indicates activity and it shows up on my laptop as E: when attached (USB3 port). It was active when it dropped. However, when I click on the drive icon to try to open the drive files, my comp. states that if I want to use the drive I'll need to format it. I had about .75Tb of movies and other videos on the drive, all of which were ripped and transferred to the drive on THIS computer. While this library can be rebuilt, I'd prefer to recover the files if possible, as it was a lot of work My original plan was to transfer it all to a raid array as soon as I finish building it, but I never guessed this drive would be SO fragile. Any ideas?
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  1. 10 inches on to wooden floor you could probably have gotten away with, but as the drive was actively reading or writing at the time that's a whole different ball game. The read/write heads will have crashed in to the platters which hold the data, thereby causing physical damage to both. It's just an expensive doorstop now.
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