help my cpu wont start

when i start my hp Pc it turns on but does not boot up instead it keeps making this beeping noise. it just keeps repeating this two second long beep over and over with out end.
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    Check the beep code after you google for beep code and you'll come to know where the problem is....
    Here's the link
    See which one fits what you hear....
    Most probably a VGA/GPU error or RAM error...
    It can be rectified if nothing is blown, by just reseating the GPU if it's a PCI/PCIe one or reseating the RAMs by removing them.
    Also check for dust build up while you're at it and clean any loose dust and dirt with a soft brush or compressed air in and around the slots.
  2. Most likely a RAM/Memory error. Reseat your memory modules.
  3. I recommend Trying just to Take the Ram sticks out and put them back in If that does not work Try Doing the same with a Graphics card if you have one If it still does not work Make sure to clean any dust or Any type of other unwanted things that could have got into your pc...
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