Dell Xps420 with Asus GTX650ti

I have a Dell Xps 420 My graphic card died, And im thingking to buy Asus GTX650TI, my PSU is 375w. Can somebody tell me if wi
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  1. I don't think the 650 Ti would work with that PSU, it requires a decent 400W PSU that pushes 20A on the 12v rail. Your best bet would probably be a 7750 or so unless you are willing to upgrade the PSU.
  2. Thank you very much. Yes I will buy a new 400w PSU. Can you tell me a model that will fit in my dell xps? affordable perhaps...?
  3. These two should go nicely, the 650 Ti Boost is a good deal better than the regular 650 Ti, what's your CPU though?

    EDIT: seems this boost may not fit
  4. Im not sure but is all from dell. I can check in the manual if that helps...
  5. chipset - Intel x38 Express Chipset/ ICH9R
    Hope this help
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    Oh so it's a Core 2 CPU, go to start orb>right click on computer>properties, you can check the model there.

    It should either be a Q6600 or Q9550

    Either way, this would be your best choice, seems your case is pretty crammed
  7. Actually I have this computer for one year with no use. I didnt had the money to install a new graphic card. I dont remember
    sorry. But i believe is a 2.4 or 2.8
  8. Ah that should be fine, I guess the 650 Ti would be your best choice for a short GPU
  9. Q6600 !!!! yes i founded
  10. Thank you very much! For such a quick tips and accurate. Thank you
  11. Have fun, a Q6600 pairs pretty well with a 650 Ti :D
  12. I have an Dell Xps420 im changing the psu for a new Corsair cx500 and is a cable for the processor power connector that i dont have...
    Can somebody help me?
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