Installed 1066Mhz memory that reports as 1333Mhz in "About this Mac"

On a mid 2010 IMac I installed Crucial 2x 4GB memort rated at 1066 Mhz but on booting up the system it shows as 1333 Mhz in "About this Mac".

I am guessing the memory modules are rated at 1066 Mhz but actually are 1333 Mhz.

Can I rely on the information shown in Mac OS "About this Mac"?
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  1. Certainly from the the looks of it if you did install 1066 modules then it ought to be showing you the same.... unless iMac-y printed something in the code so as to not let you see the actual inside the rig....
  2. Thanks alyoshka!

    If I am seeing 1333Mhz in "About this Mac" then I believe that the memory is reporting itself as 1333Mhz. Systems operates fine with 2x2GB existing modules and 2x4GB new Corsair modules. Activity Monitor reports I am using over 4GB means that at least one of the new modules is being used.

    Since 1333MHz memory would be backwards compatible on a 1066Mhz bus, I am guessing that Corsair could package a higher spec memory module as 1066Mhz.

    What could go wrong if I go by above assumption.
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    Firstly you will be taxing every component in the rig trying to get different timing RAMs to match....1066 and 1333 .... one will need to boost itself up and the other will need to slow itself down.....It's like driving a car with 2 accelerators one in steering wheel for one wheel and the other under the foot for the other wheel..... just imagine what would be happening to the engine in this case, forget the state of the driver.....
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