msi 970a-g46 with FX-6300 CPU Fan

So i just finished building my new pc with msi 970a-g46 mother board and AMD FX-6300 cpu .
so far it is working really good but i have noticed something as soon as i start gaming the cpu temp will go all the way to 51 c and the fan speed will go all the way to 5300+ rpm which is making a very awful noise .

still it will take like 2 mins for the CPU to go back to ~25 C once i'm done gaming and the cpu fan will go to 3100 RPM which is not that noisy .

i'm using the original heat sink which i know is not that good but really a Six core processor with 14 mb cache memory would handle a game like dota 2 or Path of exile without being loaded that much .

i'm also using R7790 ATI Card as my gpu and 4 gb DDR3 corsair Ram . my question is should i consider enabling SMART fan option at the BIOS and if so would anyone explain it to me .

also any recommendation for an after market Cooling system would be appreciated
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    Everything looks fine. If it stays under 60C it's doing its job. Stock coolers aren't known for being quiet; they're just meant to keep the CPU from going above the CPU's specified heat limit at stock speeds. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.
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