Question about power cable to 7970 GPU

Hi, I recently bought a Asus Matrix Platinum 7970 to replace my AMD 7770. It came with a pair of dual 6 pin by one 8 pin cables.

There are two 8 pin ports that need to be connected to power the graphics card.

When I Put my 7970 into my computer I realized I only had one power cable to go into the dual 6 pin by 8 pin which goes into the graphics card and I don't have any other power cables from the power supply to connect to the other slot. ( only 1 of the lights are green and one is still red).

Is it possible to daisy chain this and what cables can I buy?
Or do i need to buy another power supply with more power cables?

Sorry if this is hard to understand as im new to this.

Thanks alot :)

600w Storm PSU
i5 3570k
AMD Matrix Platinum 7970
500gb HDD
8gb RAM
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  1. Best answer
    I don't recommend running 7970 on this PSU.

    However, if you want to try, then you need:
    2x Molex to 8pin adapter:
    6pin PCI-E to 8pin PCI-E adapter:

    You may find cheaper ones.

    There are also 6pin to 2x8pin adapters:
    But I don't recommend them. Too much wattage pulled from one 6pin is dangerous. Power cables attached to it may melt.
  2. Ok, thanks for Answer. I may just buy a new PSU.

    Could you recommend a PSU and what wattage would be best?
  3. Okay thanks :)
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