Crossfire R9 270X

I run a tripple 1920X1200 eyefinity setup, often in portrait mode (rotated).

I hesitate between a R9 290X (550C$, 300W), a GTX 780 (500C$, 250W) or dual 270X in crossfire (2X200C$, 150W each).

I know about crossfire issues. However, the 270X (former 7870) has the best power/performance/price ratio, would run cooler than bigger card even when both are in use and while in desktop mode (most of the day) one GPU would be off, saving extra power and temp.

What do you think?
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  1. i would go with either the 290x or the 780
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    hi, i was testing the r9 290 (349€) this week in Battlefield 4, and came back to my old r9 270x Crossfire, reason? 10fps more than a single 290(71 fps average) , at this time the best combined crossfire/sli will be the r9 270x windforce (Gigabyte)...
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