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So I am connected to the internet using Wifi from the modern in the house and then all of a sudden all my internet stops working (except skype and teamspeak). I cant load any Games, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer etc, however my Wifi on my laptop is still on and working with excellent signal strength. After this happened a few times I decided to run a ethernet cable from the modern to the laptop and the internet instantly starts working again. I am currently using Windows 7, on an MSI GT70 laptop. I don't know much about internet connections and ip addresses and dns, so any help would be greatly appreciated. This problem also seems to happen around the exact same time every day, around 11pm.
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  1. What type of router are you using? have you checked it's setup?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    What type of router are you using? have you checked it's setup?

    The router is an OptusYes/Netgear. And I'm not sure how to check the settings or what you mean.

    I've also realised if I'm in a game I can continue to play it, however as soon as I close the game I cannot re-open it, yet the wifi still has full bars and strong signal...very frustrating any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    So I decided to just reset the modern/router everything and do a system restore and so far so good it seems to be working fine again, so I could have possibly fixed it...
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