How to factory reset a thinkpad edge lenovo laptop

I have a Lenovo, Think-pad edge windows 7. I have tried to reset it but nothing happens.
My laptop is very slow. Every time i log in a message pops up for me to update a drive or software. When i update it nothing happens. The same message comes up again. My laptop also freezes for two minutes in everything i click on. I want to factory reset it so I can get a fresh start on my laptop. I don't know how to reset it. I have searched the web and they all said something about an orange button or something. But i don't have that. Also I don't have a disk drive, so i can't use a CD.
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  1. Have you tried pressing F11 while the computer is booting? I saw that particular function is a way to get to a factory reset on the Edge 14.
    You might find - - helpful.
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