how can i set up isp ethernet modem to my pc and have wifi for pc and iphone 4s, HP printer? is this possible?

WITHOUT]!!!!!!!!!!!!! paying for 2 or 3 services, ie. like big box bundles, tv, internet, ect. triple or double pay? tv WOULD BE NICE

ISP VERIZON MODEL 6100G (FRONT 3 GREEN LED, INTERNET, DSL SOLID, DATA FLASH MIDDLE) STICKER ON BOTTOM WESTELL MODEL: G90-610015-20 REV. H MADE IN CHINA 07/2011 ADSL2+ MODEM (This oem unit replacement 07/13 to correct intermittent loss of DSL signal)
PHONE JACK FROM WALL>MODEM DSL, MODEM/DATA (YELLOW) >CP/ETHERNET (YELLOW) THIS CABLE y TO> PC/USB BLUE (NOT USED) CONNECTED AT BACK OF CP PANEL. Any reccomendation as compatible router and config method? Thank you john
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    Purchase a router that is compatible with your ISP and use that to share connection.
  2. thank you.. old, new to this again!!!
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