Using HDMI output of LAPTOP with LED MONITOR... Worth it?

Hey Guys...

I have a Lenovo G580 LAPTOP. Specs:

Intel® Core™ i5-3230M
Intel® HD 4000 Graphics (integrated)
VGA port & HDMI port

Well, I'm currently using VGA output with my HP x20 LED MONITOR (not TV) and I was thinking of using HDMI output.
My question is... is it really worth it? I mean would I get something better than VGA on HDMI? Will it be comparable to something you get with a dedicated card (desktop) or at least slightly better?
Keep in mind I have Intel® HD 4000 Graphics (integrated) not a dedicated card.

If the output is good and I decide to go with HDMI, would a HDMI/DVI converter work? Because my monitor wouldn't support HDMI directly.

My Laptop:
My Monitor:
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  1. using hdmi is not going to improve system performance in any way shape or form. your integrated graphics are still going to act like integrated graphics not anywhere near a desktop card. assuming you are playing a dvd movie or blueray and sending it over hdmi.... a desktop card and your mobile gpu will display it over hdmi at the exact same quality level. a desktop card just has more power behind it so it can play games, render frames and handle larger files and flash easier. afaik all current intel integrated sound is part of the actual cpu chip nowdays so might take away from cpu performance when its running.


    short answer:

    maybe. worth looking into if you get a cable for $5-10 but i wouldnt fret too much over it.


    the picture may look better with hdmi. you could use a converter however a dvi-d to hdmi cable (one that doesnt have a box) also works and is what i use with my television.
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