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Solved: Black screen after boot - GPU GTX 650 Ti Boost

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October 31, 2013 8:23:06 AM

at first sorry for my english, if u did not understand something just ask...

Okay so here is my problem, 2 days ago i bought Alpenfohn K2 (CPU Cooler) for my i5-760... Everything goes fine, i was on 4.0ghz stable... then i just turned off PC... after few minutes i turned it on and i stopped fans on my GPU (gigabyte gtx 650 ti boost 2gb) with fingers to hear CPU fans ( i want to have silent pc and my new gpu is only noisy thing now) but i probably touched my GPU with CPU fan holder (dont know how to say it- little metal thing which is holding my cpu fan on my cpu cooler)... and my pc did not booted... i saw windows logo and then my pc cooled down (fans on gpu goes like from 2000rpm to 1000rpm) and screen was black (monitor led was still blue like everything is fine)...i did not heard any sound of turning windows (8.1) i dont saw my mouse and my keyboard did not reacted (i pushed won scroll/num/caps lock and led lights was still same) i tried to restart my pc with restart button but nothing happend... i tried also power button and nothing too... i had to hold it for few second to turn pc off...

i tried to restart bios, tried to unplug battery and that funny jumper thing... nothing

i tried to install my windows again with full SDD format... i was able to log in but when i installed my GPU drivers and i rebooted everything was same... after windows logo only black screen and inactive pc...

i tried also downgrade my windows to 7 and nothing too...

But im able to boot into safe mode... but i cant boot to VGA safe mode (again black screen)

i tried also old drivers for GPU and nothing... i tried second monitor with same input (dvi) and hdmi TV... nothing..

i tried my gpu in old pc (amd athlon 64 3800+ and 1gb ram) and everything goes fine...
i tried also my PSU in that old PC... again fine... also with GPU...

i tried GPU from that old pc in my pc... it was radeon 1950x... it was hard to install it in 8.1 windows but when i did it i was able to set max 1600x1200 resolution but everything goes fine still

i also noticed 2 times blue screen instead of black screen (i dont mean BSOD, just blue screen)

i also tried to change my SSD to HDD and make fresh windows install... still same

i unplugged everything from my PC and i had plugged only this:
mobo asus p7h55-m
cpu i5-760
gpu gtx 650 ti boost 2gb
adata ram 4x2gb
psu seasonic 520w
ssd 840 evo samsung 120gb
keyboard + mouse + monitor

everything is fine until i install gpu drivers (to this point - windows is using their drivers)

i dont know what to do... i called my sisted and she will bring me her pc (psu which i can connect to mobo and better gpu than 1950x) so i will try it... i hope it not bad PSU becasue i want to single sleeve it because it is out of warranty...

EDIT: I forgot... i tried to reseat my gpu... nothing...i tried to reseat my rams and nothing too... i tried to reseat my CPU and i noticed one bend pin on motherboard... i tried to fix it but i pulled it out -.- but bios can still detecd my CPU so i dont think this is a problem

Best solution

October 31, 2013 8:36:24 AM

It sounds like your 650 TI is now malfunctioning, if you can boot into windows with the older GPU and can boot into safe mode without the driver then it goes bad once you use the driver, it sounds like your GPU has issues.
October 31, 2013 8:37:56 AM

I tought it too, but i can use that GPU in another pc (that old amd) but i will try that GPU in sisters PC... GPU is under warranty so if this will be a problem i will be so happy
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a c 192 à CPUs
October 31, 2013 8:40:49 AM

the problem is the gpu drivers you're using (or your video card). safe mode runs on a generic vga driver, which is why you're getting it to work. the graphic card drivers you're using are bad. try another version of the drivers. either a newer version, or if you're using the newest uninstall them and try an older. either way those drivers are the problem.
October 31, 2013 8:47:45 AM

"i tried also old drivers for GPU and nothing"

this is in first i tried new drivers (from october) and old drivers too (from CD which ive had in GPU box)
a c 192 à CPUs
October 31, 2013 8:55:15 AM

sh4d0wko said:
"i tried also old drivers for GPU and nothing"

this is in first i tried new drivers (from october) and old drivers too (from CD which ive had in GPU box)

since the card works in another computer my only conclusion would be your problem is power.

Apparently there is a short in your 12v power system likely caused by the new hardware. try swapping out the fan/cooler and see what happens. See gpus have 2 types of rendering engines, 2d and 3d... the 2d engine is all that's used in safemode. it also draws a lot less power. it's not inconceivable your gpu isn't getting enough power to turn fully on...
October 31, 2013 8:58:09 AM

Okay i will try it... now ive got my sisters pc so im going to test everything
a b à CPUs
October 31, 2013 9:02:38 AM

Stop take a deep breath.
You have done so many things in panic to compound the situation.

And now your confused.

Step by step.
1.Turn all of the power off on the system.

2. Make sure the 650 Ti card is sitting right in the slot, give it a push

3.Check that any extra power connections to the card are connected right.

4. Reset the bios of the motherboard via the jumper provided. making sure the cap is not left on the two pins that say clear or the board will not post or boot you will be left with a black screen and fans spinning.

5 Once done turn the pc on.

6. Enter the bios of the motherboard.

7. Find the section to do with the graphics interface.

8. Change the option to Pci-e

Save the settings before exiting the bios.

If you still have problems then it is power related.
Like said before the graphics driver loads the card is in low power 2D mode.
Once the driver loads the power requirement of the card ramps up.
So if you have a bad power supply then it would be the cause.
Overclocking the cpu also put extra load on the PSU so it may of just took it to a point where it could not provide enough power to drive the 12v Pci-E feeds with the right voltage and amps required to run the card.

One of the other connectors to check to the board is the eight pin 12v block near the cpu socket.

Make sure that is plugged into the board, or has not been knocked or moved.
This block must be connected as it provides extra power for the cpu socket.
And also provides up to 75w of power to the pci-e Slot of the board.

When it is not connected it can lead to lockups, when overclocking or the card from displaying.

October 31, 2013 9:18:47 AM

I just tried sisters PSU (but she have only 4PIN+24PIN and mobo have 8PIN+24PIN) but same thing... maybe i will try it with MOLEX to 4PIN if i find any... in bios i have only:
Initiate graphic adapter: PCIE/PCI or PCI/PCIE but i have that first opinion- PCIE/PCI... i tried reset bios few times as i said - unplug battery, jumper thing or reset to default from bios
October 31, 2013 2:30:21 PM

Hey, again update...
i tried my PSU and my GPU in sisters PC (2gb ram, e2220 cpu + 1 hdd) and when i installed drivers ive had again black screen... i tried to put here her PSU and again black screen, so problem is probably in GPU because it was only 1 hardware which i replaced in her PC... when i pluged her 8400 gpu everything was fine again... i will try my GPU in another 2 PC's tommorow and i will see what happend... i hope it will fail again because GPU is under warranty so i will probably get replace (i hope so, i tried to OC it with MSI afterburn, only few mhz to see how its work, but i dont know if they can see this in they "service computers" and i also putted down stock cooler to see if i can mount there backplate and then i again putted here stock cooler, i did not breaked any seal or something)
November 1, 2013 4:55:14 AM

Hello guys...
Problem is solved... i tried my GPU in another 2 computers and again same problem... so its 100% GPU problem... im going to RMA next week so i hope i will get new GPU soon... thanks to all for help anyway