question about gpus please help

can a gtx660 and a gtx670 and a gtx680 work together on the same PC?
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  1. Do you mean in SLI? No, if you want three-way SLI you need three of the same card.

    However you can i.e. use the 680 as your primary GPU and the 670/660 as a PhysX-renderer. That would be an expensive setup though.
  2. Your question references the SLI bridging that Nvidia cards use. They must be the same model, so you can only SLI a 660 with a 660, not a 670 or 680.
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    didn't you ask the same question yesterday. The answer is going to be same how many times you ask.
  4. dont post the same stuff unless something has changed, answering the same question from the same person over and over again is not good. Other people need actual help.
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