WoW FPS drops by half

For some reason, my FPS drops in WoW by about half pretty frequently. It occurs about once every minute or two.

In a section of Pandaria, I kept track of my FPS a little. In a certain area, I would get 80-90 FPS on average, but it would dip down to around 40-45 FPS every minute or so.
I also kept track of the FPS when doing a dungeon. In the specific dungeon, I would get 40-60 FPS on average, but the FPS would dip down to ~20 FPS, making gameplay somewhat annoying.

This didn't happen before today, however.

Here are my specs:

CPU: Phenom II x4/6 1045t OC'd @ 3.375 GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333
Video Card: MSI Radeon 6950 2GB/flashed partially to 6970 specs.
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  1. I'm thinking it's probably your CPU's fault - wow tends to be taxing on older CPUs.

    That being said, the phrasing 'flashed partially' worries me a little. Does that mean you tried to flash it and it didn't work fully, or...?
  2. I was thinking the CPU as well, as I'd only recently overclocked it, but I was thinking it'd be due to that, that I may have overclocked it improperly even though it seems perfectly stable.

    The reason why I say partially flashed is because the shaders and memory clock were flashed to 6970 bios specs, but the core clock I had to clock at around 820 MHz, considering the stock 880 MHz was initially unstable. I did that about two months ago though, so I seriously doubt the video card has anything to do with it.
  3. Have you done stress testing on it? How does it react? 3.4GHz shouldn't be pushing a Phenom II too badly...

    Ahh, that makes sense. You're using all the latest drivers? When was the last time you updated your video drivers in relation to when the problems started?
  4. Yeah, I ran Prime95 for 20 minutes without any issues.
    Should I run it for longer?

    I updated my video card last week. I've only had the problem for today so far, and before that there was no issue that I came across.

    Update: I restarted my computer, and reset the CPU settings to being the same as before I overclocked, but I kept the last two cores disabled. I then did the same FPS testing as before, in the exact same spot in Pandaria.
    The FPS was 68-72 on average instead of 80-90, but it never dipped below 64. So it does seem that I messed up somewhere in the overclocking of my CPU.
  5. Yeah, twenty minutes is nothing.

    Generally you want to run it for an hour or so as you're upping your overclock to make sure everything is stable, and then once you've gotten the chip to where you want it, run it overnight.

    There were a couple driver updates last week, oddly enough. Which one are you using? (Just look in nvidia experience.)
  6. Ahh, yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Are you giving it enough voltage / too much voltage?

    What are you using it to keep it cooled?
  7. To give an answer to your first response, I have an AMD card, not Nvidia. The driver version is 13.9. I think I'm going to update to 13.11 beta though.

    Answers to your second response:

    My voltage was the option right before 1.4v, I believe it was 1.385?
    The cooling is stock. As far as details go, I don't know - it's a hand-me-down.
  8. Ah, sorry, I missed that. Got it confused with another thread.

    And, well, THERE'S your problem!

    You're giving it a LOT of voltage with really bad cooling. Get yourself a Hyper 212 EVO and overclock without the unnecessary voltage, and you'll be just fine.
  9. Okay, so under proper cooling, what should my max voltage be?
  10. Best answer
    I would aim for under 1.4, but try to get it as low as you possibly can - voltage is what produces heat.
  11. Okay, thanks for your answers. :)
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