How do i found out what AMD card i have

Hey i just bought bf4 and it tells me to upgrade my drivers and i have no idea what card i have all i know is that it is
Amd radeon hd 6800 series i have looked everywhere but i can't find it. please guys tell me how i can see what i have it is frustrating
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    You should be able to find the driver there.
  2. An easy way is to download the automatic driver finder from AMD it will detect the latest and most appropriate driver for your card
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    That's enough to know you have a 6800 series card. All you need is AMD's newest graphic driver. I believe the newest Beta drivers are best suited to BF4:
  4. The easiest way is to go to Start button/Accessories/System tools/system information and then click on components then display. Alternatively, download GPU-Z (it's free) and run that. It will give all the info you need.
  5. As was stated, knowing that your card is an HD 6800 series is enough to get correct drivers through AMD's website.

    In addition to what the previous posters have mentioned, if after obtaining the latest drivers from AMD, you still want to know more specifics, you can download a handy little utility named GPU-Z from here:

    This will tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know about the detected graphics devices in your system. :-)

    (Lol, EonW, you beat me to it!)
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