Can anyone tell me how to remove windows 7 os completely from my computer, and then re-install?

Caught a virus or malware, not sure, but tried to have repaired by Pro Techs w/ remote, but after 4 techs tried, now they say they need to make house call to completely remove win7 and re-install. I can't afford this. Can anyone tell me how to do myself?
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  1. Do you have the original activation key?
    If so, you can download the official Windows 7 ISO, reinstall (blowing everything away), and activate using your activation key.

    Download your Windows 7 ISO here:

    But....who is "Pro Techs", and why are they connecting via remote? There have been several scams that do exactly this.
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    Do you have a Windows 7 DVD?
    If yes, then do this:

    1. Boot your PC from the DVD.
    2. After the boot is ready you will see a menu asking what you want to do.
    3. Select to do a clean install.
    4. At one point you will be asked where to do the install. I think that is where you can choose to format the disk before continuing.
    5. Do the format, and then let the install do its thing.

    When it's ready you should be good to go.

    (If you find this too difficult, maybe you can find a local PC shop and bring the PC to them. That should be cheaper than having a house call)
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