Want a mid tower, silent, good-looking case for <£80. Quiet with good airflow

Hi there guys.

I'm building a new pc and need to decide on a case. I want the case to have good airflow for when I decide to overclock in the future, but I want it to be as quiet as possible since I share a room. If both cannot be achieved, I'm willing to knock back the overclock to drop temperature and noise (e.g during night time). Also willing to change the fans as long as cost stays down.

I was originally decided on the CoolerMaster Storm Scout II. Another case that has caught my eye is the Aerocool Predator X-3. Which one is better for airflow and noise pollution? The predator is £20 more but has fan controllers. The CM has a handle which is useful as I will be moving my pc downstairs occasionally to connect to my tv and sound system. I really like the look of both cases.

Are there any other cases you guys would suggest given the above requirements? Are the cases I've chosen any good? As a heads up, I don't like any of the styles from Fractal Designs, nor really from corsair. The Carbide 400r/500r looks ok/ish although it's expensive. I do like the more elegant designs from CM's Cosmos range, but they are too big and too expensive for my needs. The designs from NZXT I like are the Phantom 410 and the lexa s, although the former is really pushing my budget.

Cases beyond that I don't understand. They have more "features" but all I don't get it.

My components are:

i5 4670k with hyper 212+
1 SSD and 1HDD. I doubt I'll need more storage but all the cases have more bays than I will need.
PSU = Not decided yet, probably corsair cx600
Ram = not decided. Either corsair vengeance or kingston hyper x (low profile)
GPU = Gigabyte GTX 670

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    I'm using a Thermaltake New Soprano. Super Quiet, decent airflow, but I'm not sure if the design would be up your alley considering the cases you've mentioned. I'm not a flashy case kind of guy. It is a great case though. Has a hot swap HDD dock on top, four USB ports on the front panel, plenty of space for cable management and large components, easy to use tool-less hard drive cages. Love it. Good luck in your decisions!
  2. Blaise170 said:,3512-10.html,3378-17.html

    This test shows the fractal define r4 is only 3-4 db quiter than the CM storm 2 while being 8 degrees high on the cpu. Plus the design is too restrained, and the case is supposed to be really heavy
  3. Really need an answer. I've read that the Coolermaster Scout 2's top filter makes noise if you attach a fan to it. Also I'm concerned whether the hyper 212 will fit. Will the case run cool and quiet enough with overclocking if I add more fans? Or should I just spend the money on a better case?

    Other options would be the corsair 500r and the CM 690 range. I really LOVE the look of the cosmos SE, but it's more than twice as much as the scout 2.

    Can any budget case by made to have good cooling with the right fans? Or do I have to spend a lot?
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