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My laptop is unable to connect to wireless networks. I tried the intel proset diagnostics test and it showed that my software radio is off but I couldn't find anyway to turn it back on. Later on I checked back on my pc still trying to solve the same problem but I found out that all my wireless adapters had disappeared (when I went to Control panel>Network and sharing center>Change adapter settings), also the Intel wireless proset tools app was nowhere to be found too (although when I went to Programs and Features it was still there which means it was still installed). I'm really confused and lost here. Any help please ? :'( . My pc is a Dell Inspiron 1121, running on windows 7 home premium and my network card is Intel Centrino 6250
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    Have you tried reaching the dell website for the latest Wireless adapter drivers?
  2. Thanks but I've done that. Still a dead end :'(
  3. Try wiping all Intel PROSET software and drivers and restart, then see what happens with the stock Microsoft drivers when the OS discovers the card.
  4. Aii I'll try that now. Thanks
  5. I would run the Intel driver detector HERE. And you can download all the available drivers from HERE.
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