how to wake a Dell desktop with Windows XP that is stuck in sleep mode

Used the "sleep" key on my new EZ Eyes keyboard. Desktop went into sleep mode. Now I can't wake it up! It is a Dell Dimension with Windows XP. I can't even shut it down. I have tried all the keys, and tried holding the power button in to shut it down but all I can to to turn it offis to unplug it! Any suggestions?
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  1. Try resetting the BIOS, starting it in Safe Mode; if you can logon disable the Hibernation in Control Panel \ Power Options. If nothing works, access the hard drive from an host computer, either in slave mode or with a USB adapter, or access Windows XP with the Hiren's Boot CD,... and delete the C:\Hiberfil.sys file... this file saves the sleep mode information, when you delete it, it liberates the boot process.

    How to Reset Your BIOS
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