Can't boot Windows 8 from a USB

I am currently trying to boot Windows 8 from my flash drive onto my computer. However, I keep running into the same issue. I select USB-ZIP as my boot device, but my screen always gets stuck on the black display with the white text which reads "Loading Operating System" at the top of the screen. My monitor will literally stay like that for hours. I removed my USB to see what would happen if I tried to boot without the flash drive installed, and it went straight to Windows like it normally would. This tells me that USB-ZIP is the correct device to boot from. I've also formatted my flash drive and the file system is "NTFS" like it's supposed to be.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I will be more than happy to provide any additional information.
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    so your trying to install Windows 8 to or from a USB drive?

    USB bootable drives need more then an NTFS format they need to be active etc

    Newer BIOS's also need more settings changed to boot from USB (UEFI/CSM/Secureboot etc) depending on BIOS
  2. Could you be more specific? I'm not very computer literate. I've also checked the BIOS settings. Me and a buddy have the same BIOS with all the settings the same, yet he installed Windows 8 perfectly.
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