will i need a nzxt 410-820 or nzxt switch 810?

Ok i will be building my first gaming pc and will overclock sometime in the future, but i dont know if a nzxt phantom 410 will fit my needs and if it doesnt what is better an switch 810 or phantom 820.
My specifications are:
Intel core i7 4770k
Gigabyte gtx 780 oc edition
Lg blu ray combo sata 5.25" drive
Samsung 120gb 840 bw evo ssd
Toshiba 2tb 3.5" sata 3 int hdd
Corsair hx850v2 80+ gold psu
Asus z87-A,s115 motherboard
Corsair 8gb vengeance ram ddr3 red heat spreader

And should i change anything like the graphics card and wait for the 780ti?
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  1. NZXT Switch 810 all the way
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