Does anyone know if this PSU has what I need?

First thing I don't know where to post this so I posted it on component. Second I am looking for a new PSU that will replace my old 300W that can run my new AMD Radeon HD 7970 that requires 500W or greater. This is what my current PSU offers to my mobo and disk drive and HDD:

2+2 connected to 4+4
24 Main connector

Including my new GPU has 4+4 and 3+3 pin

New PSU:
XFX PRO 750W Black Edition Single Rail Power Supply with Full Modular Cables ATX 750 Energy Star Certified Power Supply, P1750BBEFX

Current PC:

Bought during x-mas event last year and was looking for a cheaper gaming pc that I can modify which is close to custom building.
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    That PSU will do the job for you for sure.
    That 4+4 and 3+3 you're talkin' about is 8pin and 6pin.
    That PSU you wanna buy has Modular 6+2-pin PCI-E x4 (6+2 is basically a 6-Pin and an 8-Pin at the same time), so you will be able to connect your GPU.
    XFX Pro Black Edition series are said to be Tier 1 PSUs, so that has to be one of the best PSUs based on quality.

    Modular 6+2-pin PCI-E : 4
    Modular ATX12V / EPS12V : One 4+4-pin, One EPS 12V 8-pin
    Modular FDD : 1
    Modular Motherboard Connector : 20+4-Pin
    Modular Peripheral : Up to 5
    Modular SATA : Up to 10
    Those are its cable connectors, you have to able to connect all your components with this PSU.
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