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I want to be able to record my games as I play them for my youtube channel but having a problem with it. At first I was using fraps to record my WoW and Rift gameplay and it was working fine but when I tried to record AC3 and MW3 it would either just show a black screen or record my screen as if the game was not even up (just show the windows behind the game).

I tried it again with Microsoft Expression and same issue still.

I don't know if it's the case of the screen capture software cannot record anything in full screen mode or i'm just doing something wrong. Do I need to invest in a video capture card?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Bandicam is pretty decent, I used to use fraps. Then I met bandicam
  2. Another option is Dxtory (I think thats how you spell it haha). Some of my friends that do not like fraps use that.
  3. I probably should have mentioned the features, bandicam has great support for nvidia cards pumped with cuda cores. It can use a H.264 encoding using the CUDA cores and so framerates of the game are generally there normal as it records (it does not drop that much at all in performance). e.g. My WoW used to record with a frame rate of like 40-50~ but with bandicam and the cuda H.264 it records and plays smooth
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