can this gpu run eyefinity

can a radeon hd 7950 3gb oc gpu run eyefinity on gaming on three 20" 720p resolution monitors? or am i better off spending $300 on a bigger 1080p resolution tv?
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  1. Yes it can handle running 3 of those monitors, depending on your game will depend on your settings
  2. Either you can get 1440p or triple monitor as you said. Though 1440p is very costly
  3. I had 3x 1080p monitors on a 7950 and it ran great. I did add another 7950 for crossfire when the prices on them dropped, but even with one card I was able to run most games on close to high settings even at EyeFinity resolutions. The 3 gigs of ram on the card helps at high multi-monitor resolutions.
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    .Yes a 7950 can run three monitors @ 720p I'd recommend you get a non reference 7950 It run cooler and will play pretty much everything you throw at it at high to ultra settings.

    for eyefinity to work you need 3 monitors
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