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It was working fine until i shut it off for the night. When i turned it on the next day it wouldn't load windows. Sometimes the configuration screen would come up snd ask to chose the operating system.

After a few seconds i make a really loud beeping sound. Now im a novice when it comes beep codes. It would sound like beeeeep beeeeep beeeeep, just one continuous beep. I tried system restore when the beeping eventuallly stopped, nothing.
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  1. Well, the first thing that I would do here is remove all the memory from the machine and restart it.

    Of course, it won't start but does the sequence of beeps caused by the newly acquired forgetfulness of the computer differ from the ones you are hearing now?

    If you get the same sequence of beeps then there could be a memory issue - the computer has no memory.

    Hopefully, you have two sticks. Put one in and restart the computer and see what happens.

    Then shut the computer down, remove the memory that's in it and replace with the other stick.


    What happened? Did the beeps change?
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