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I have an Amd A-8 Black Richland APu. I started playing a more intense video game and the temp jumped a bit, I just adjusted my memory from 1600 to 1866, i read that faster memory improves graphics, if faster memory does more for the apu will it therefore help keep the temperature lower
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    Not necessarily. It will allow you APU (CPU & GPU) to perform a bit better, so that is a nice benefit.

    You can check out Tom's review of RAM speed and APU's.
  2. If you had to increase voltages for the CPU or CPU/NB, then the temperatures would rise. Just increasing the RAM speed would improve performance, especially in APU's. And the Memory Controllers work harder, but the original Workload Temperature you had before-if you recorded it-shouldn't increase since no more power current was added. :)
  3. 1600 Mhz to 1866 Mhz is not a huge bump but 2100Mhz is but u need quality RAM for that... if you want much improved performance try crossfiring it with HD6670 may improve the Graphics Performance
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