What kind of rig would a $500 budget build?

I'm looking into building my first computer. I'd like to stay within the $500 dollar range, but can stretch it to $600 for a good build. I was hoping to get some feedback as to if it's feasible to get a good performance within that budget, or if it's better to just save up. Also, which components would you recommend? Thanks :)
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  1. do you have any parts............monitor/operating system/keyboard-mouse/anything?

    what will you be using the machine for?
  2. Something along the lines of this,3617.html but notice that it is stated that the 7950 had a price drop after the build (implying to go with that instead of the gtx 760)...
  3. I have a 23" monitor already, as well as a keyboard and mouse. I don't have an OS yet. I'd like to use the rig for gaming if possible. Is windows 7 or 8 better as far as gaming goes?

    Thanks, logox, I'll check that out.
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    600 is a decent budget. But you should plan a little more carefully than the others so you make the best choices.

    In toms hardware site, under Articles and news, they have these system builder marathons in reviews.

    Again in this site, under forums systems, they have these best config stickies with build configs.

    I benefited a lot from these while building my budget oriented pc.
  5. Thank you, I'll check that out. :)
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