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So i have an antec kuhler h2o 620 cpu cooler, and the cooler have like a own fan header so you connect your fan into the coolers header and then you plug the coolers connector into the mobos cpu header, so i had the original fan there normaly and it was at 1400 rpm all the time, now i changed it to a 2000 rpm fan, but it still is only at 1400 rpm, and i cant change the speed on it from the normal asus program where it has fan controller and then the cpu fan controller its still on 1400 rpm all the time.

Since the cooler has wires and needs voltage itself does it needs so much the cpu header on mobo cant give out enough so it limits the fan to only 1400 rpm or what?
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  1. It's probably limited by the program, use a different program.
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