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I'm looking to upgrade 2 systems. Looking for best value for my money something near the Radeon HD 7850 range. Both systems just used for MMO gaming at high settings. System 1 also though games like Civ5 and Gal Civ 3 when comes out one day.

System 1 I'm looking at getting an AMD FX 6300. Whats the better value GPU of this trying to stay $130-150 range unless something a sliver more has a lot more power.

System 2 AMD Phenom II 1055T (no OC)
Whats the best GPU I can manage here w/o really bottlenecking? Of course still trying to be on the cheap side of things. Again looking to stay around $130ish or less if possible

I'm unsure if any of the new 260x's doing about as well as the 7850 or a better deal. Suggestions on specific cards not to noisy also? Price is my key issue and as long as I can be playing on high settings for MMO's and EQNext when out I'll be happy.
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  1. Forgot to add I also have a Radeon HD 6570 2gb card already for 2nd system so would need to be a worthwhile upgrade on that or if not worth it until can upgrade CPU pls let me know
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    Well for system 1, the FX 6300 would pair great with this 7870 XT which is the best performing card in its price range but runs pretty hot

    Alternative cheap cards would be this 7850 and 650 Ti Boost

    The 260x is basically a beefed up 7790, so might as well get the superior 7850/650 Ti Boost for both systems (bottleneck or not)
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