AMD 8320 vs Intel core i5 3570K

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  1. Anonymous said:

    The 3570k is mostly faster in single thread and gaming but if you are doing something that really uses all 8 cores then the 8350 might be the best option instead.
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    They are preety much equal CPU's for the same price.
    What do you intend to do with the PC, meaning what usage will it have, gaming? cad/render?.

    The i5 is a quad-core CPU and the 8320 is an octa-core CPU, intel preety much have a better peformance per core, what this means is that in softwares/games that use only two cores at most, the intel will have a better performance. But the 8320 will have an improved performance over the intel in every game/software that can fully utilize more than 4cores, if you plan to do any kind of cad software or render, the AMD is the right choice. The i5 is probably the number one pick for gaming since most games still do not use more than 4 cores.
    However most recent/future games seem more inclined to use more than 4 cores, meaning that hexa and octa core CPU will be more impactful in future gaming.

    Botom line, if you will be doing any kind of rendering, pick the AMD.
    If it is a gaming PC, the intel as a slightly better performance (around 10 15%) but either are fine.
  3. fx 8350, if you can afford i5 3570k, then fx 8350...this cpu smashed i5s in alot of new games including bf4 look here in call of duty black ops 2, battlefield 3, medal of honor war fighter, crysis 3 we have got the same situation where fx 8350 outperforms any i5 and in crysis 3 fx 8350 outperforms i7 3770k, I can sen you the links if you need them
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