If I have knackered my laptop battery from over charging it, is there a way I can fix it without replacing the battery?

Recently I noticed my laptop was plugged in but not charging and was informed that I have probably knackered the battery from charging it too often. I was wondering if there is a way I could fix it without having to take it into a shop and getting a new battery put into it?
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  1. If it's physically broken, then nah mate the only way I can think of fixing it is by getting a new battery... :\
    Make sure it's actually broken before you replace it though XD
  2. Hi, you should look at the percentage the battery is charging. You have a circuit who will stop charging when a certain percentage predetermined is reach. So you can't over charged the battery. If you try running the laptop with just the battery and it stopped, then, your battery is dead, you need a new one.
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