Amd fx 6300 vs 8320 vs Intel i5 2400

Hi guys i need some help to choose over these cpu-s,so please help me!
I can get fx 6300 for 125$,8320 for 158$ and i5 2400 for like 170$+...
I'm oriented on gaming,so please tell me what's the best choice out of this 3 cpu-s,thanks!
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  1. If I were you, I would stretch for the 8350 :)
  2. But out of those probably your best choice would be the 8320 considering all factors...
  3. yeah me too,but i don't have enough money for that :( 8350 is like 40,50$ more than 8320...
  4. nah m8...i'm oriented on gaming,so i don't stream and do stuff like that...
  5. okey thanks alot man! I got Radeon 6950,so i think it will be enough :)
  6. i5 2400 hands down.
    - It's almost +50% faster in games when push comes to shove
    - The frames stutter heaps less (which you can Google as 99th percentile frame time, etc.).

  7. Yeah i know that Intel chips are better for gaming,but i5 2400 is 60$ more expensive than fx 6300,and i don't care about few fps,so i think that fx is better choce...i consider that u can OC fx 6300 alot,and it should come close in performance with i5 2400,because i5 2400 can't oc much...
  8. I just saw i can get Amd fx 6350,so i think i'll stick with that
  9. Thank you guys for ur answers,i bought fx 6300 because i saw i can oc it more than 6350,and i like to oc cpu-s :)
  10. The CPU alone costs +36% more and provides +43% more performance.
    Once you factor in other components the systems cost difference may only be +5% more expensive (if not the same price) and still provide +43% more performance.

    Last time I checked +5% more cost (overall) for +43% more performance was common sense, and why AMD's market share keeps below 30%.

    How much extra do these overclocking geared AMD motherboards cost versus their standard variets?

    You may end up throwing money away on a 'maybe' (the overclock) instead of a 'definite' (the Core i5-2400's performance is known up front).
  11. A 4.5ghz FX 6300/6350 is a little under a stock i5 3570k in gaming. I think think we can all agree that a stock 3570k > i5 2400. I should know as I own both of them. :lol: i5 3570k in the gaming rig and an i5 2400 in the file server.
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