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  1. [ ] Look at reviews of both in the same TAC 2.0+ compliant case.
    [ ] Look at the connectivity on the back of the cards and see what is better for you in the long run.
    [ ] Compare the coolers.
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    In performance & cooling the ASUS beat the XFX. So go with it.
    Be sure u have a quality psu to handle that card and your system. About 550-600W from a quality vendor like Antec,Corsair(not CX_builder sersies),Seasonic,XFX.

    Have fun!

    /Don't forget to pick a best solution everytime, the community members appreciate that./
  3. also check out each cards warranty, XFX usuallay has great warranty coverage although Asus is a very good company as well
  4. Is Geforce a better option than Radeon? I keep running into back and forth arguments over the two
  5. look at the "Best GPU" update articles here (Tom's), they will tell you whats is best at a given pricepoint
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