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Hi, I have big problem. I have PC running hotel system, and some bill system. Unfortunately it died, because of ther motherboard - ASUS P4P800-MX. I don't want to reinstall it, becuase this system must be reinstalled too, which takes time and there can be mistakes.. So I have moved the HDD to another PC which has motherboard ASRock P4i65PE with chipset Intel® 865PE. It ran well, but unfortunately this motherboard had problems and I tried with PC with ASUS P4P800-VM. On this mobo I couldn't run the drivers for network and not only this, but It gave me that it wants to activate Windows otherwise I couldn't log on - only in safe mode with command prompt. I couldn't fix this problem, I tried with repair and again prompted me to activate it. I couldn't get the drivers to work, otherwise I think it won't be a problem to activate it - key is original. Now I'm trying with another PC which is with Intel® 915GV Chipset with a repair of the copy of Windows XP

Possibly I will need to reinstall the drivers, but before that I must reinstall the old drivers, right?
I will boot in safe mode with networking.
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  1. You cannot successfully move a Windows installation to a different motherboard. Online Product Activation will fail under those circumstances anyway even if you got that far (which you won't).

    With a different motherboard you have to re-install Windows from scratch with the Microsoft installation CD.
    There is no way to avoid that.
  2. I have used some command under safe mode with command prompt and it made longer period for activation +30 days. I did repair before that and it works for now including the system.
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