Pretty sure it is my power supply overheating, but i could be wrong. Can anyone see any faults in this setup that might cause


Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
AMD FX 4100
6144 MB RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6450
Mastiff Dual 550 Power supply
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  1. Wells usually gpu or graphic cards have a tendecy of getting pretty hot and cpu should be usually around 20-35 in temp download a program that tells you temp of stuff

    it could either be cpu or gpu as well because those tend to get hot if your cooler is not to good but just check a app out
  2. it says my temps are:
    temp1- 37
    temp2- 44
    temp3- 38
    HD0 3-4
    GPU- 57

    While nothing is running.
  3. feelinthick said:
    it says my temps are:
    temp1- 37
    temp2- 44
    temp3- 38
    HD0 3-4
    GPU- 57

    While nothing is running.

    that does not seem to abnormal but what you want to do is dust out the inside of the case if you dont have experience in this

    it is very easy you can buy a can of compressed air and simply open your computer case and dust it out it might be a little bit dusty inside this happens you know when you look under your bed it can be dusty after a long time same happens with a pc but these temps are not way to high my comptuer gets like that without doing anything as well and sometimes is like on 24 degrees but just keep asking around if your very worried and usually if your computer is way to hot your computer should just shut off quickly if it is set up that way in bios which is usually is from default
  4. That's a very poor power supply replace it.
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    Your problem is likely the power supply. I could not even find Mastiff in several etailers and review sites I checked. Did find this old link in Tom's:
    You need to replace that PSU.

    Relatively inexpensive unit, made by Super Flower.

    An excellent replacement, made by Seasonic:
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