How to determine if a power supply has a four-pin CPU connector?

I recently bought a power supply for an HP Envy 700-056, with an AMD A10-6700 processor. However, the very last cable I had to hook up was the CPU cable; unfortunately, the connector was a six-pin connector, and the motherboard connector is a four-pin.

How do I determine the best match for a power supply? Please let me know if any other product specifications would be of assistance.

I like the corsair line, and am looking at a 550W supply on Newegg, as I really don't need much more than that with the components I have (or would possibly add in future).

Thanks for any help!
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  1. If you are using a 6pin you have the wrong connector! It should be either 4 pin or 4+4pin that comes apart into 2 x 4pin.
  2. Okay, did a little research.

    Actually, looking again at the CPU connector, it is an eight-pin, not six. So, looking at some forums, I found that the eight-pin connector really is two four-pins with a friction connection, and separating the two four-pins gives me the four-pin connection.

    My question now is this issue the manufacturer points out: "The detachable four-pin from the 24-pin main connector is not a “P4” or “+12V” connector". I have scoured the HP product info and am unable to determine whether this four-pin connector will be sufficient for the motherboard CPU connection or whether it is an incompatible connection.
  3. You called it right, Rolli. This is why I come to Tom's Hardware looking for real answers.

    So it is a 4+4 pin that comes apart into 2x4 pin. Now just need to figure out whether this four-pin is the right connection for the CPU. Still not sure whether it not being a P4 or +12V connector is a problem?

    The power supply is a CORSAIR GS series GS700 700W ATX12V v2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready unit.

    The PC I am attempting to install it on is an HP Envy 700-056 with an AMD Elite Quad-Core A10-6700 Accelerated Processor (Richland) with (now disabled) AMD Radeon HD 8670D Integrated Graphics (I have installed an ASUS Radeon HD 7750 and to get it to work I had to disable the on-board graphics).

    The Motherboard is a MS-7778 (JasmineR). Chipset is AMD A75 FCH.
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  5. rolli59 said:

    Rolli, thank you SO much, man! You saved me so much time and headaches. The community here at Tom's Hardware is fantastic.

    Cheers, mate!
  6. You are welcome.
  7. yea...I was stuck on this ...I saw a 6 pin PCI-e connector and the 8-pin connector coming off my PSU.......I connected 4 pins of the 6-pin PCI-e to my 4 pin motherboard connection....that DIDN'T WORK............So I be doing some reading here.....and sure enough..there's the answer,'s an 8-pin connector that splits into (2) 4-pin connectors...BINGO!
    I ran to my PSU ..and sure enough the 8-pin came apart...YAY!...I don't have to return the PSU...I don't have to steal a PSU from my son's unused PC....I can put the PSU from the Dell that I thought might work back in the Dell...YAY!
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