DVI-D Problem Since Knock of Computer

Hello and thanks in advance for any help! I've had my computer for around 11 months now and it has tan flawless until now, about half an hour ago I knocked my computer slightly and ever since then my DVI-D port fails to work. Upon connecting it my monitor seems to receive a signal or impulse due to it black screening for a few seconds, the monitor then goes into power saving mode. DVI from the motherboard work fine it's just directly from the gpu where the problem stands. I'm a noob when it comes to computers and was wondering whether this is an easy fix e.g. A cable unplugged or requiring a replacement/repair? Thank you for any help.
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    Hello... try re-seating your video card into your motherboard.
  2. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... try re-seating your video card into your motherboard.

    Worked like a charm, thanks for the suggestion. I didn't want to do this due to not having much experience haha, but since my computer wasn't even picking up the GPU and just on board graphics I had no choice. Worked instantly! Thanks again!
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