Is it possible to share files between two Windows 8 PCs using a straight Ethernet Cable ?

I wanna share files between two windows 8 PCs (100-150 GB data) .
All I have is a straight Ethernet cable , which I use to connect my PC with its modem .

Is it possible to transfer files at least @ 10MB/s speed with a straight Ethernet Cat.5 cable ?
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  1. You need what is called a Cross-over cable.... but yes. These are not the same as regular CAT 5 cables.

    I will edit this as it does appear confusing. Yes, you can connect a single cable between two PC's. No it cannot be done with a common CAT 5 cable unless going thru a switch/router. To avoid the switch or router, use a Cross-over cable.... also very common.
  2. No. You need a crossover cable.
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    not with that cable, you need a certain KIND of cable, called a 'Crossover Cable' (looks exactly the same). All it is is a couple of the wires on one end are swapped from a normal Ethernet cable.
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