How much RAM are you using at this moment?

I'm using 6.68GB just doing normal daily things. I don't really get where people say you don't need over 8 GB.
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    I use 4.2/8GB RAM while playing BF4 and about 1.8 at the desktop.
  2. 101GB out of 128GB on primary workstation :D
  3. I don't get it either. I use about 12GB on my 32GB machine just sitting on Chrome, but that's partly because of an 8GB RAM drive for my temp files. Even without the RAM drive, my machine uses about 1.8GB on a blank desktop and 3.8GB while running Chrome with my usual 8-12 tabs open. While running WoW, with Chrome in the background and the RAM drive, I typically sit at 18GB used.
  4. You haven't seen the statistical finance crap running on this puppy.

    It's big brother which has 256GB, 8x 512GB SSD's RAID10, 3x Quadro K5000, has been number crunchy for 4 days now and still only 37% complete.
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