KFA2 GTX 770 OC LTD vs R9 280x

Im wondering which of these cards to buy

Ive had a gigabyte hd6850 oc in the pc and now its time to upgrade. i originally found a good deal on a gigabyte gtx 670 4gb oc but the card was faulty so had to return that. Then placed an order for the sapphire toxic r9 280x only to now be told the company wont be stocking them. so these are my choices.

Im still worried about the micro stutter on the amd card. although its meant to be much better. I will only be playing at 1080p cause thats all i got. is it worth taking a chance on the micro stutter and putting my faith in the new amd technologies?

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    Micro stutter was only an issue with 2+ cards in Crossfire. The new drivers have mostly taken care of it anyways.
    Even so, the 770 will be the faster card out of your choices, I'd go with that.
  2. Really cause i had a lot of issues with random frame rate drops and stuttery game play that fraps wouldn't pick up.

    Thanks though i was leaning towards the 770 anyway.
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