Fans all spinning at >1000 RPM at idle

Looking at my H/W Monitor on the TOverclocker program I see this.

CPU Fan Speed: 860 (sometimes as high as 1200 on idle)

Sys1 Fan: 1073

Sys2 Fan: 1083

These all seem pretty high!

The CPU temp is only 31 C and the System temp is only 29 C at idle...

What could be the issue?

Thinking about getting some Noctua fans and going withe the lower voltage adapters...
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  1. Your fan speeds are quite low.
    High fan speed is 2000-3000.
  2. in asus and msi bios if the case fans are set to the system board fan heads you can set them to temp or to speed. some bios like asus have a min fan speed warning. (asus is 600 rpm) to get your fan to go slower you have to set the warning lower or let the bios turn the fans off.
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    Fan speed is variable to component temperature, and has insignificant impact on your system as a whole.

    Temp is the value you need to worry about, unless your fans are trying to make liftoff at idle than they won't be an issue.
  4. could you post a picture of those fan reading and witch one refer to each fan also did you use something like cool and quiet in the bios settings ?
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