Radeon HD 7950 1920x1080?

I was talking to my friend who knows a lot about hardware, and he told me that he burnt out his Radeon HD 7950 by keeping his resolution at 1920x1080, whether he was gaming or not. Now, that got me a little paranoid. I would not think that that would happen, seeing as the 7950 is designed for 1080p. But im a little paranoid and wanted to make sure.
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  1. I seriously doubt it, unless he was heavy overclocking it or got a faulty board, or maybe he has a cheap PSU that took the GPU with it. As you said, the card is designed for 1080p, I wouldn't let a particular experience turn me down on a decision, the 7950 is the best sub-$300 board right now.
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    I've had a 7950 boost with reference cooler running games, drafting programs and regular desktop usage/internet browsing/streaming for 9 months now across monitors running at 1920x1200. The video card doesn't get overloaded, the fan doesn't spin up to an audible amount and it seems to run in the 60's on demanding games like Crysis 3, Civ 5 etc without a hitch. Maybe your friend just got a bad card?

    A 7950 can just about max out any game on a single monitor at 1080p without much effort.
  3. I've been running a single and then dual 7950s for about a year now....and havent heard of such things at that res, your friend either doesnt know as much as you think he does, or like someone else mentioned he cheaped out on a PSU and killed it while OCing
  4. I've had my 7950 running at 1920x1080 since the day I got it, over a year ago.

    It has been running fine. The 7950 IMO is a real champ for that resolution/price.
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