gtx 760 hdmi port not working with new drivers

i have an asus z77 sabretooth with msi gtx 760 nf 2gb / oc graphics card.
my monitor is a sceptre naga x42 - kinda old but still a good hd unit.
i use the hdmi port coming from the grapics card to the hdmi port of the monitor - using
just a straight hdmi cable.

this has been working great. until i updated the nvidia drivers to 331.65.

now, the monitor works only when posting, and i can also see "starting widows",
but after that just a black screen.

so i attached a different monitor to the dvi port and i can see windows.
i tried then hooking up the hdmi cable, and the sceptre just won't show up in nvidia control panel or device manager.
i also have a dvi-to-hdmi cable and tried that out of the dvi port from the graphics card - same thing.

i can confirm that the straight hdmi cable and dvi-hdmi cable are in sound working order.

i's love to uninstall / re-install the old nvidia drivers that were working, but i
neglected to take note of which versino they were! i thought maybe it was the ones on the
install disk that came with the graphics card, nothing.

any help?
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  1. and i have scoured the web for info on this to no avail...
  2. ok so according to the nvidia site the oldest driver for this card is 320.49.

    i unistalled display drivers and installed this - it worked.

    what a joke. i guess i'll just be stuck with antequated drivers. fix your s$%t nvidia!
  3. I am having the exact same problem. Only thing is i cannot revert back to an older driver because it i do. Most of my games no longer work. I have a DVI to HDMI cable but that has never really worked at all. So I am stuck with one monitor currently with no fix avail.
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