What Kind Of MotherBoard Is In A Dell Otiplex 755 Small Form Factor

What kind of motherboard is in found in an optiplex 755 sff. ATX, Micro ATX etc
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  1. The dell otiplex use the BTX format, you have to buy the MB from Dell.
  2. It isn't ATX or Micro ATX. It is a custom Dell size.
    The SFF has one PCI and one PCI Express x16 slot.
  3. cin19 said:
    The dell otiplex use the BTX format, you have to buy the MB from Dell.

    so will it fit in a fractal design define r4 case?
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    No. Here is from wikipedia:
    In the first months of production the ATX and BTX motherboards were so similar that moving a BTX motherboard to an ATX case was possible and vice-versa. This was possible because the first BTX motherboards were ATX motherboards turned upside down, except for the component location that really were BTX positioning.

    Later the BTX form factor had a big change by turning it into a mirror image of the ATX standard. Since the new motherboard design, both standards are incompatible. Basically BTX motherboards are 'leftside-right' compared to ATX and not upside-down as before: i.e. they are mounted on the opposite side of the case. Some computer cases such as the Cooler Master Series (Stackers) were released to support a varying range of motherboard standards such as ATX, BTX, Mini-ATX and so forth, to ease motherboard upgrade without buying a new case; however, all connector and slot standards are identical, including PCI(e) cards, processors, RAM, hard drives, etc.
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