help needed to recover raid 0 array after bios update

hey guys , looking for some help, trying to recover my raid drives after a bios update. I have Win7 on a gigayte 990fxa UD7 board.
After flashing the bios my raid drive no longer shows up in my computer. I have the OS on a SSD (C drive) and the computer will boot up.
I have re-flashed the bios with the back up to no avail.
It is possible to return your bios to an earlier time/setup?
Any help would be great!
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    Flashing a BIOS chip will return BIOS settings to default values. The default setting for SATA is not RAID. After flashing the BIOS, you need to enter the BIOS before the system attempts to go into Windows and change the SATA setting back to RAID.

    You might try searching for raid recovery software
  2. Yes, unchecking the "reset all cmos values" box in @bios would have saved me 3 days of pain .On the up side, ReclaiMe is good, cheap, diy raid recovery software.
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