When I start up my computer it turns off after a few seconds.

Hi guys, I know this place is awesome :). My problem is that when I turn on my computer, everything SOUNDS like it works, but NOTHING comes up on the screen, then after a couple seconds, it powers off. I'm THINKING it is the CPU, because I just bought a new Motherboard that was exactly like the old one, and it is still the same problem. My Power Supply went out out me with a loud bang one day, and I replaced it. It ran just fine for about a week and a half. Then one day it just powered off, never to come back on. The weirdest thing is...my computer will ONLY power up for the longest IF I have my GFX card plugged in. If I take it out, and try to run off the Onboard GFX, it'll come on for a split second and just shut off. I have an ASRock N68-S motherboard, Phenom II x4 (not sure the number, but I high end one), 2gig of RAM (Had four, but one stick went out), Nvidia GTX 460 768, 450 PSU, Windows 7. Like I said, new Mobo, Processor is the only thing I can think of.
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  1. Is it the exact same mobo as your last one or nearly the same? If not the exact same model, windows won't boot. Try booting without the hard drive connected and see if it stays on.
  2. Well, I just turned it on, it is staying on, but still nothing. And it IS the same. But I mean...it's just a black screen, no BIOS, no nothing. And like I said, if I take out my GFX card to put it to Onboard GFX...it won't stay on for more than a split second...that seems awkward to me. Even my old Mobo was like that.
  3. Ok, just bought a new CPU. Phenom II x4 810. Still having the same issue. I can't figure this out to save my life. Anyone have any ideas? New Mobo, and new CPU.
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