Comcast Economy Internet with Linksys Wireless Router

Hi, I recently got comcast economy internet, they provided me with a modem and I was told I could purchase pretty much any wireless router if I wanted to have wireless.

I purchased a Linksys WRT54GL router and have been attempting to set it up. Because I have a Mac I cannot run their start up CD they provide me with.

I have tried pretty much everything that I have read on various forums to try to get the wireless to work, but even though it shows up and I am apparently logged on to the network I created I cannot actually use the internet for anything.

I tried changing the operating mode of the Linksys from Gateway to Router and entering the "destination LAN IP" as which is the IP address that shows up when I have my computer plugged into the Comcast modem, but I get an error that says "Invalid Static Route."

I am not particularly tech savvy, but I have always been able to get things to work for me before. I am completely at a loss as to why this will not work.

If I need to return the wireless router for a different one I'd prefer to do that sooner rather than later.
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  1. The 54G are great routers, but ancient with only G wireless -- I would return in and get a good N router. The ASUS RT-N56U would be a best in class router if your budget can handle it. Simply plug the router WAN port into the Ethernet port on the modem attach a computer to an LAN port on the router and enter the configuration by typing the router gateway address into your browser (see the manual for default gateway address, user and password. There you can configure your wireless channel, security (use WPA2 personal with AES encryption) and passkey (write that down, you will need it again later when attaching devices wirelessly).
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